About Us

~ Company History ~

Taste of Tradition, Commitment and Values.

A family, a team of managers which is extremely passionate about producing the best quality peanut butter and to take it to the reach of all the people world.

Saaz Foods is a top manufacturer, exporter & supplier of peanut butter in India. We at Saaz Foods are driven by the mission of delivering better health and nutrition all around the world along with great taste.  Our entire team is dedicated to the above mission, and all the decisions at Saaz Foods are taken considering two key principles as a guiding light: customer centricity and quality consciousness.

This passionate journey of Saaz Foods started in 2012, from the beautiful land of Saurashtra, located in the state of Gujarat, India. Due to its geographic location and favorable climatic conditions, the land of Saurashtra is known as the “land of Groundnuts” as it produces the best quality groundnuts in the world. Peanuts from this region provide a pure and rich aroma, with a distinct taste and great quality.

Being a customer-centric organization, we give utmost importance to factors like product quality, packaging requirements, timely delivery and precisely matching the client requirements. Following these principles over the years, and improving continuously, we have grown to be a trustworthy partner for our clients and customers all over the world. We have earned the trust of our customers and always strive to retain it and provide them with the best of our services.

Ethics over Ease
Centricity toward Customer Satisfaction
Love for Health and Taste
Nurturing Relations over a Peanut Butter
~ Important factors of Saaz Foods ~

Saaz Foods guarantees and certifies the quality of Peanut by combining its goodness with food safety.

Transparency at every stage of processing is our first guarantee.

We personally choose the best Peanuts, from carefully selected suppliers, who respect all our qualitative and organoleptic parameters. Each raw material that enters the company is subjected to precise and systematic checks in our dedicated internal laboratories, made up of a team of highly qualified professionals with a dedicated R&D team and QA/QC team.

State-of-the-art production facility with all the imported machines and equipment which gives us the capability of controlling event the minutest details of the product and quality

With more than a decade of experience, we have achieved a more pre-eminent position in the minds of our consumers and enjoy their trust and willingness towards us

We are honored to be a part of your everyday life and we put continuous efforts to maintain that position


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